Singapore Legal Translation Services

Kay Lex Translation Pte Ltd (Kaylex), a company providing legal translation services in Singapore, is founded and managed by a group of legally trained professionals and retired or former Certificated Interpreters of the Singapore Supreme Court and Subordinate Courts (now known as “State Courts”).  Kaylex aspires and endeavours to provide specialised, professional and quality translation services to clients both within and outside of the legal circles.

Quite different from other translation companies which provide translation and interpretation services involving multi-languages in various disciplines, Kaylex focuses on providing English to Chinese and vice versa translation and interpretation services involving documents or testimonials of legal or official nature for use in legal environment or for official purposes.

Kaylex’s policy is to focus mainly on our niche in translating documents from English and Chinese and vice versa for legal or official use.  All our clients’ work is done in-house so that the quality, integrity and confidentiality of the translation will not be compromised.