Kaylex endeavours to provide high quality translation and interpretation services at affordable rates.  We promise our clients timely turnaround times and the best quality of services for the fees they pay.


A range of S$0.20 to S$0.70 per Chinese Character (in the Source/Target text), subject to the following factors:-

  1. Nature of documents to be translated
  2. Turnaround time
  3. Volume
  4. Technicality and complexity of the contents

Please note that there is a minimum charge for small orders ranging from S$40 to S$80.


Special Charges

  • If a separate written certification is required for the translated document, an additional fee may be charged.  Such fee will be calculated based on the total number of translated pages, starting with S$5.00 for the first page and S$1.00 for each subsequent page, irrespective of the amount of text on each page.
  • If our individual translator is required to appear before the Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths to attest any declaration or affidavit in relation to the translation, an attendance fee of S$50 to S$100 per attestation is payable (not inclusive of fees charged by the Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths).   
  • For urgent assignments, a 50-100% additional mark-up may be levied.



S$100 to 200 per hour per interpreter, subject to the following factors:-

  1. Subject matter
  2. Whether advance preparation materials will be provided by the client.
  3. Venue
  4. Time

The final payment will be based on the total number of hours confirmed by the client in the timesheet presented by our interpreters after the service is provided.


Special Charges

  • For interpretation services provided after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends, a 50% mark-up on the hourly charge quoted may be levied.



Prices are based on the actual amount and length of video and/or audio recording submitted for transcription, and the number of words in the final translated work.