What is Legal Translation

Legal translation is a very specialised, unique and demanding area of work and services in the translation industry. There is a misconception that anybody who is bilingual and with some basic legal knowledge will be able to handle legal translation and provide translation services.To the contrary, in order to be competent and proficient in legal translation services, the translator must be familiar with and have knowledge of legal terminologies, jargons, nature and linguistic features of documents used in different countries or legal systems. They must also be able to identify the key principles, criteria, techniques and strategies that are specific to each type of legal documents and apply the appropriate techniques and methods in their translation.

For translation involving documents used in legal proceedings or for submission to the government agencies, the importance of accuracy, precision and faithfulness of the translation can never be over-emphasised. 

There were instances whereby parties who sought to rely on the translated versions of important documents during trials or for official use were placed in awkward positions where the translation produced were challenged in Court or rejected by the Courts and/or government agencies due to their inaccuracy or ambiguity. This resulted in frustration, undue delay and even serious and irreversible consequences to the parties who had paid good money for such translation. We, Kaylex, fully appreciate the needs and concerns of our clients in this respect and we assure our clients that their requests for translation are in good hands.