Why Kay Lex

Kaylex fully appreciates the specialised nature and requirements of legal translation as well as the needs and expectations of our clients; particularly clients who are legal practitioners, in-house legal counsels and managers.

This is because our team of in-house translators and interpreters are legally trained professionals and/or retired or former Certificated Interpreters of the Supreme Court and/or Subordinate Courts (now known as “State Courts”) with numerous years of translation and interpretation experience in the legal field.  They have interpreted in various high-profile and complicated court proceedings involving serious crimes and multi-million-dollar claims. They have also translated large volumes and varieties of documents and testimonials which were accepted for use by the Singapore Courts, arbitration bodies and government agencies such as the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Traffic Police, Land Transport Authority (LTA), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), just to name a few.  The skills, expertise, competency, integrity, professionalism of our in-house team in handling legal translation/interpretation have been tested, acknowledged and accepted by the judiciary department, law enforcement agencies and legal profession over the years.

Our in-house team is also proficient in interpreting in the major local dialects.

In view of the unique qualification and credentials of our in-house team, Kaylex is able to provide written certification confirming their translated works. Such written certification will lend credibility and authenticity to the translation which are highly likely to be accorded recognition and acceptance by the Singapore Courts and government bodies.

Our clients can be assured that our in-house team will provide an accurate, precise and faithful translation of their documents.

Meet our team.